About us

At Maxlider Brothers Customs, our purpose is to help you create memories with your family that last a lifetime.

Many of us have stories from our childhood about an old classic car owned by a family member or loved one.  You may remember Grandpa's 1967 Bronco that he kept on the farm to do work or joyride in with his grandkids.  Some of you (like me) remember that old hot rod that started as a project and provided countless hours of working in the garage with friends and family.

Those are probably some of your fondest memories.

Now, you have your own children or grandchildren and it's time to create similar memories for them.  We hear these kinds of stories a lot at Maxlider Brothers Customs and have built our business around helping those types of folks.  If you are shopping for a classic car for the same reasons, you wouldn't want it ruined by a bad buying experience.  That's where we come in.

Whether it's a project vehicle you want or a fully restored, show quality high-end custom restoration, we are here to help you.  We have taken our experience of providing professional technology services and leveraged it to create a better buying experience for YOU.  It's all about setting realistic expectations, being transparent throughout conversations and building a mutually beneficial relationship.  We take the idea of doing the right thing very seriously...our goal is to have a customer for life.

That's why we offer a *buy-back program for our customers.  If you buy a classic car from us and do not believe we accurately represented the vehicle, we will buy it back or help you sell it...you simply cover transportation costs.

Setting expectations for a 45 year old vintage automobile is really difficult.  They are unpredictable and old parts fail.  Old gaskets leak and wiring typically looks more like spaghetti than technology.  Regardless, we try hard to communicate these types of things to you so you know what you are buying.  There are a million details to an automobile and it is impossible to cover all of them.  But, we work hard to set the right expectation and deliver.

Take a look at our testimonials and hear it from our clients.  We hope to feature your own testimony on our website.

Call, text, or email us to see what classic vehicles we have available and for a sneak peek of what we have on the way!

Phone or text:  331-308-BROS (2767)

*Not available on automobiles we modify for the customer prior to delivery.